Humbled to see some BIG results for my clients around the world!

Caitlin C.Frankfurt, Germany

As my college graduation loomed, I was feeling really stuck about where my future was headed. I had always dreamed of living abroad in Europe, but I worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a fulfilling career.
I reached out to Ashley after seeing her TEDx talk and I’m so glad that I did, because working with her changed my life for the better. Anxiety had been a major obstacle in my professional development, but Ashley sees the real potential within you, and gives you concrete tools to dismantle the fears that are holding you back. Our conversations left me feeling inspired and motivated to make my dreams a reality. Using the skills I learned from our sessions, I was able to land multiple offers in a field that excites me, even while I was living 7,000 miles away. I’m moving to Germany with a great position lined up, a goal I used to think I would never achieve. I would recommend Ashley’s coaching to anyone looking to realize their personal and professional potential, especially young women. I know that I will use her advice for years to come.

Tiffany Tedesco CoustonLos Angeles, CA

I am so grateful for Ashley’s knowledge and experience. I felt like typical confused millennial college grad stuck in a chronic state of stressful underemployment. Ashley helped my turn myself into a focused professional with joy and balance in my life.

The confidence I gained from working with Ashley is real and priceless. During our sessions we hammered out plans for cold networking with anyone I wanted a phone call or meeting with by strategically using LinkedIn and other networking tools. I also formed a beautiful answer to the question “So tell me about yourself?” and was supported by Ashley to powerfully negotiate my salary and employment package.

Her sessions create meaningful change in your life by helping you raise your standards and identify opportunities to change the way that you think about your future. I no longer have skewed perception of money and the value of my work.

She is an investment that you will absolutely make your return on.

Jennifer O.Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to Ashley for career advice. I had experience working with a life coach before and based my expectation of career coaching on that. Ashley far exceeded what I was hoping for, her one on one sessions propelled me into taking actions that would have taken months to accomplish otherwise.

Ashley’s ability to use her personal experience, her natural networking skills along with the wealth of knowledge and toolkit were so helpful in finding a meaningful job.

I had about 6 sessions with Ashley and about a month after the last I was offered a job that aligned with the values I identified in our sessions. Ashley introduced me to someone in her inner network, who helped refer me to the company and get my foot in the door.

If you feel like your job is lacking meaning or don’t know how to process the over abundance of career advice out there, take the time and invest in working with Ashley, she will guide you to a higher level of work.

Adam A. Washington, DC

After being abruptly evacuated from my Peace Corps service in Ukraine, I found myself feeling lost and suddenly out of a job. My life was flipped on its head almost over night. I felt unsure about what I wanted to do and what I had to offer as a “sort of” Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and recent college grad. For a few months, while living at home, I had considered going to find a job in DC (my background is in International Affairs), though after my evacuation from Ukraine I wasn’t exactly in the mood to take big risks.

Then I met Ashley.

I found out about Ashley from a friend who had recently received career counseling herself, and highly recommended I talk with her regarding my career goals and aspirations. After our meetings going out to DC no longer felt like such a risk. I had a much better idea of what I wanted to do and confidence in what I had to offer, as well as the necessary tangible skills to pursue my goals. Although there were no guarantees, I went out to DC and employed the ideas given to me from Ashley.

Remembering her words of wisdom I networked like crazy and made real, mutually-beneficial connections with people. One of the connections ultimately resulted in a job; today, I’m working for a government contractor as a content manager. Ashley is quick to deflect any responsibility for my achievements, though I can say with confidence that if it wasn’t for this amazing individual I would not be where I am today.

Anyway, I have to say you wont meet a more passionate and knowledgeable person about helping millennials. In our discussion I quickly realized this is someone who really cares and understands the challenges facing our generation and job markets. In our consultations, which felt more like meeting with a close friend, I learned how to better communicate with others, leverage my past experiences, and network effectively.

Kari S.Thousand Oaks, CA

From her charismatic personality to her passion in helping young women, there’s nothing to not love about this incredible inspiration of a woman. She gave me more guidance in our few short sessions than I’ve had in my years through college. The things schools don’t teach you are how to apply yourself, how to find what you’re good at, how to network, how to get a job. They teach you knowledge, where as Ashley teaches life lessons. My time with her has been life changing, and I now see my future with a path, a reachable goal. Ashley provided me with confidence, self reassurance, and helped me unlock my hidden skills and build success. I recently made a dramatic change in my degree, and completely changed the goals I’ve made for myself. Ashley gave me direction, that is something some people never get to learn. Wherever my future takes me, I know it will be filled with success and happiness; and I have Ashley to thank!

Alex M. Los Angeles, CA

Working closely with Ashley has been a dream. I, like many millennials was lost, stuck in a career rut and needed guidance. Ashley came into my life exactly when I needed her. She has taught me to let go, to unplug and to trust myself. My confidence level in the past few months has grown immensely. Knowing that Ashley has complete faith in me has truly helped me to have faith in myself. I know that with the tools Ashley has given me I can achieve whatever I set my mind to; I’m confident in my ability to stand out in my field of choice and I know that through our sessions Ashley has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. I can say, without a doubt that Ashley was born to be a coach. She is engaging, present, extremely supportive, and has the innate ability to help people see the real person inside. I am very lucky to have been able to work with Ashley, but I am extremely grateful to have met her.

We met in March of 2014 during a Los Angeles Spinsters meeting I was hosting at my house. I only knew a little bit about who Ashley was and what she did before she came to speak at our meeting, but I was eager to learn what exactly a career coach was and how Ashley got to where she is now. With no intention of wanting a coach or even thinking I needed one, I was surprised how moved I was during Ashley’s presentation. Her words were real, her experiences remarkable and her vision was possible. If she could do it, I could do it. During her presentation, Ashley talked about the importance of an elevator pitch, creating a story, finding a skill and having a goal, as well as how crucial it is to become a pro networker. She made it seem attainable to achieve whatever our hearts desired and gave the group a realistic approach to what we need to do to find clarity in our lives so we end up doing what we love. As soon as Ashley finished her presentation she allowed the girls in the group to ask questions. Although I had a plethora of questions running through my mind, I decided to stay silent and really absorb what Ashley talked about that night. A week later I was thirsty for more and decided to take control on my life and hire Ashley to help me find clarity in my career path and ultimately how to become more clear in my life.

Lawrese B. New York, NY

Ashley Stahl is a gift. It was clear in every aspect of our communication — from our consultation to our final session that she is a person genuinely invested in delivering her clients results both personally and professionally. She walks you through every element of the process — the elevator pitch, the resume, the networking, the negotiation — so you feel confident and comfortable taking strategic and decisive action even after the session is over.

Undoubtedly, one of Ashley’s most powerful attributes is that she leads by example. When she speaks to you on a subject or topic — whether entrepreneurship, negotiation, branding, or networking — she speaks with confidence and competence not only because she has experience with these areas from her own career but also because she is continuously acquiring new best practices, techniques, skills to assist her clients. Ashley values being of service and this was crystal clear in all our interactions. I am so grateful for Ashley. She has transformed my view on my professional future because now I am equipped with the tools to be take big action, and receive big results.

I can only hope to have the opportunity to work with Ashley again.

Leah L.Thousand Oaks, CA

I only have great things to say about my experience with Ashley. Before we met I felt like I had so much to say to people, but I didn’t know whom to say it to or even how to say it. I didn’t even know what questions I should have been asking myself! I was drowning my sorrows with pints of ice cream and watching Netflix all day because I didn’t know how to figure out what I wanted. I was so focused on how to do what I was passionate about, but was confused on how that could translate into a career.

After my sessions with Ashley I gained so much clarity; now I know the right questions to ask, how to advocate for myself, how to brand myself, and how to take control of the conversation. Ashley is very passionate about career coaching and this comes through with the results of her coaching. She’s also organized and straightforward, which was exactly what I needed! Coaching can also get very personal and it was important to me that she’s such an easy person to relate to and that I always felt like I could be transparent with her. I have a clear road map to where I want to go thanks to her, and I would recommend her to anyone who wants the same.

Shanelle C. Richmond, VA

During my time working with Ashley, I found her to be passionate about helping millennials. I contacted her for a consultation after I listened to her TED talk. I was feeling frustrated, and trapped professionally.

She helped me to organize my thoughts, and decide a few paths I could pursue in the future. The sessions were very professional and she was extremely detailed. I was impressed that she also made a great effort to personally know me.

She is particularly attuned to career problems (real or perceived) and worked diligently to walk me through the decision-making process. Her primary concern – that every millennial find their niche, present themselves in a professional manner, and negotiate – was well-served with every interaction she had with me.

I left feeling empowered, armed with tools on how to frame conversations, negotiate, and make better professional decisions.

Taylore C. Temecula, CA

Ashley is an absolute blessing to anyone even slightly unsure about where their current career path should be headed.

As a successful executive in Corporate America, I recently found myself questioning my professional plans – knowing that in my heart of hearts, I truly dream of pursuing altogether different goals than what I am currently doing. After speaking with Ashley for just a session, I felt not only empowered, but equipped to dive head-first into my dreams. Ashley was able to absorb the fantastical jumble of excitement that poured out of my mouth, and turn it around in an orderly step-by-step game plan to get me started. Her insight and direction put me on track to practically materializing my long awaited dreams.

I am so excited to continue working with Ashley in the future, and to see what else I will learn from her as I develop my dream business. I feel like the sky is the limit for me now! Thank you, Ashley!!

Maura V. London, UK

Ashley is an inspirational, ambitious, and incredibly generous friend/coach. She has the rare ability to inspirit your career goals with a renewed sense of passion and direction, and help you regain that ‘spark’ we all risk losing in the complacency of comfort!

I definitely agree with previous reviews about Ashley’s unique focus on the importance of networking. It’s refreshing to hear her forthright guidance about the power of building relationships and putting yourself out there to reach for the opportunities that can push you to your true potential.

Her advice has true merit and has proven to produce promising results at any/every stage of a girls’ careers. Her genuine care and compassion makes her more than just a career coach, and will keep her in my life as a true friend for many years to come!

Halle R. Los Angeles, CA

With a Master’s degree and years of work experience under my belt, I found myself laid-off very suddenly last January. It was a difficult time and one that I would probably have not made it through without help and guidance from Ashley.

Ashley stresses the importance of networking–something I always heard as a buzz word, but never really did. I was always the person trying to leave school or work before a school-related or work-related event dragged me in and I was forced to talk to people I didn’t know. It wasn’t until speaking with Ashley in-depth about my career goals and future that I realized I had been making a huge mistake with every event I skipped.

Ashley also highlights the importance of using social media tools to help you connect with people you don’t know. Yes, people you DON’T KNOW. This was terrifying to me, yet Ashley coached me on how to use LinkedIn to my advantage, and how to word a message to a recruiter I’d never met. I was shocked at the receptiveness of people who didn’t know me that were willing to help me simply because I had reached out to them!

I took away invaluable lessons from Ashley, and it has boosted my self-confidence within my career, as well as my ability to communicate with perfect strangers within my chosen field. I am confident that the connections I am now able to make will help me in the future.

Brenna M. Los Angeles, CA

I first started working with Ashley back in September 2013 when I was feeling lost and very unhappy in my job. My whole life I thought I would work in fashion but I was unsatisfied with every job I took in the industry. This presented a problem because I had no idea what else I could do with my career.

When I came to Ashley, she worked with me to figure out how to transition into a different career. Her words are ingrained in my brain- “Do what you are…not what you love.” At first this statement confused me but Ashley explained that I was pursuing a career based on one of my hobbies and my creativity was being stifled because I wasn’t able to enjoy fashion anymore. Then together we explored the innate qualities that make me shine. This was Ashley’s way of helping me see what I AM. I am a person who has always helped my friends and family with emotional problems and I have an intense curiosity about people and why they think the way they think. This was the best gift I got from my whole experience working with Ashley. She helped direct my attention inward and rebooted my confidence in myself. A month into working with Ashley, I took my GRE, started taking classes, and I am now pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology. I am so grateful for Ashley’s guiding advice and wisdom because I now feel so much more confident my future.

Ashley offers so much as a career coach.

Gwenda H. Boise, ID

Ashley Stahl is a very gifted and resourceful business woman and coach. I have watched her over the past 5 years network and position herself to exactly where she wanted to be. She is driven and purposeful, I would recommend her to anyone without reservation!

I have 30 years of work experience and was having a difficult time expressing my talents effectively on my resume. Ashley was able to take the information I provided her and turn my resume an incredible job search tool which has gotten me noticed and contacted.

If you want direct, up-to-date, informative help, Ashley is the one to go to. She is going to give you the information and tools you need to succeed; all you have to do is listen, execute and it will change your life!

Sandra S. Alhambra, CA

I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley a few months ago. She spoke to our members at Lean In Los Angeles… A group of goal oriented professional women.

I was motivated in many ways by Ashley’s words. She touch on the topic of networking. Giving us various examples of how to network efficiently to get more than just a contact or lead.

Ashley will give you the tools to strengthen your network and get where you need to go. After hearing Ashely talk to our group I instantly subscribed to her newsletter, where she touches on plenty of other professional topics. I can honestly say her newsletter keeps me motivated.

Personally I am in a transition, looking for the right career move as a female entrepreneur. Ashley taught me how to become clear in what I am good at and look for my true passion or gift.

I would highly highly recommend her teleclasses as well as her amazing newsletter. I hope to consult with her in the near future regarding my career path and making the change. If you know her story, she too has made career changes that sounded risky, but ultimately put her were you see her now… As one of the most motivating and accomplished career coaches to the millennials.

Katie Bressack, Women’s Health Coach, Los Angeles, CA

It was such a pleasure to have Ashley be a guest speaker for my Thrive In Your Body program. Changing a career or even thinking about how to succeed in your job is often frustrating when you are not sure which direction to take. Ashley was able to bring such clear insight to my clients about how to communicate what they really need in order to succeed. For anyone seeking career advice Ashley is your go to woman. I can’t wait to have her back.

Leah Wyman, Los Angeles, CA

I had Ashley Stahl speak to my Organizational Communication class at Cal State Los Angeles, and she was terrific! My students loved her.

Her own personal story gave her instant credibility and set a tone of excitement. The content of her presentation gave the students much-needed information about topics such as networking, pitching yourself, projecting confidence, and business culture. The style of her presentation was very engaging and high-energy, which made her message even more relatable and inspiring. Many of my students walked away with new ideas about how to pursue their careers after graduation, and several wanted to follow-up for additional advise and guidance. I wouldn’t hesitate to invite her back!

Anna SheltonCommunity Manager,
Los Angeles, CA

Ashley hosted a workshop for our community at Reimagine on getting back into the workforce, particularly when you’ve been away due to cancer or caregiving. Our audience experiences some very nuanced situations, and Ashley was just the person we needed. She provided targeted information in a clean, understandable way with recognizable takeaways. Ashley offered resources targeted to our demographic and answered questions with knowledge and sensitivity. We look forward to having her back.

Valerie Groth, Chicago, IL
Founder of the Inspiration with Val Podcast

I have had the privilege of working with Ashley Stahl in various different capacities. Ashley appeared on my podcast as an expert guest speaking about her experiences working at the Pentagon and how she segued her skills into a position working as a career coach for Millennials. Her interview was jam packed with actionable advice, and she is an eloquent and natural speaker. Since her episode aired, I have been told by listeners of the show that out of the last 90+ episodes, Ashley’s episode was their absolute favorite. It’s clear that she has a gift for inspiring others, and her enthusiasm and passion are contagious. I have also had the honor of collaborating with Ashley Stahl on various other projects. She is always a pleasure to work with, and I always appreciate her brilliant ideas, creativity, and professionalism. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Ashley, and I would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a dynamic career coach or speaker.

David Jones

Chief Financial Officer, Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission

Ashley’s networking keynote presentation at the 2014 California Phi Beta Lambda State Business Leadership Conference was spot on for how to be successful in your career and life in general. The advice given for how important relationships are and how critical it is to maintain and foster those relationships throughout your career was invaluable and couldn’t have been more accurate. Using real world examples to drive home her message, Ashley did an amazing job of connecting with the audience and keeping them on the edge of their seats wanting more. I found myself nodding in agreement to everything she was saying as every day I see how small of a world it really is and how nearly everyone you meet has some type of connection to you. Ashley has an incredible grasp of business relationships, networking, and what it takes to be successful in your career.

Very few keynote speakers have left the impact Ashley did on me and I cannot sing her praises loud enough. Do yourself a favor; set up a meeting with Ashley today or ask her to present at your next conference or meeting. Ashley is an investment with guaranteed stellar results.

Candice N.

Los Angeles, CA

I met Ashley at an Event. She was hosting a workshop on elevator pitches to improve with the job hunt. I found her very insightful, and there was an instant a connection. She was not trying to sell, or promote her business. She genuinely wanted to help people.

I was able to discover I was holding myself back in finding my career. It was hard for me to focus, because I was afraid of the unknown, taking a chance, and failing. Ashley is a spectacular motivator, mentor, cheerleader, and a friend. I highly recommend her to anyone who is lost in the chaotic world of looking for a career, not a job. She will help you tune into the career path that you are supposed to have.

Simone G. Washington, DC

I came to Ashley when I was feeling rather lost and had landed hard after a career change. I thought I had already done the hard work by changing careers, yet I was in place where I had found the new “dream job” and it was nothing close to what I had expected. I didn’t think anyone could really help- I just had resigned myself to having a career struggle as I got on my feet. In any case, when I sought out Ashley’s perspective, it was like a fresh breath and take about my future.

She immediately put to rest many of my doubts by encouraging me and highlighting my strengths. She then gave me a game plan of people to get in touch with and talk to. She talks about how networking is more of a way of living–like, you help people out when called upon and you ask for help and then we all move forward. I thought I understood this well but seeing Ashley in action was one of the most inspiring things I have experienced in my work! She’s just this bundle of warm and happy energy–but she’s also no bullshit and goal oriented. I am very lucky to know Ashley and the world is lucky that she has decided to use her talents to help people find their career paths!

Kelly M. Los Angeles, CA

My experience with Ashley was transformative. Her method is the perfect blend of both practical tools and emotional guidance. I used to be skeptical about seeking career help because I’m a hyper-driven, type-A personality and never thought I’d need a coaching service. Right off the bat, Ashley listened to me and understood how to address my needs. Our sessions felt very personalized, like she knew exactly the kind of help I needed as an individual, and she delivered way beyond my expectations.

When you finish a session with Ashley, you are ultra-motivated because you’ve got this amazing force on your team. The a-ha moments are fun, and the mindblowing yet simple strategies she teaches you are empowering. She gives you tools you didn’t even know you had, and she asks the RIGHT questions to help you figure yourself out. She’s also ubersmart and savvy, which is a nice feeling because you know you’re learning from someone who could go out and get that amazing job at Google or run a Fortune 500 company if she wanted to. (“Those who can’t do, teach” is NOT true in her case!)

For the ladies: she has a very helpful method for building negotiating skills and understanding WHY you don’t ask for that raise or promotion that you deserve. That was always my Achilles heel, and Ashley taught me how to assess and manage those scenarios effectively. She has EQ and IQ in spades. It is for that reason that I will seek her help again some day because I will probably find myself in more tough situations where I could utilize her good judgment.

Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Ashley is incredibly lucky. I hope to keep in touch with her for the rest of my life. Thank you, Ashley!

Amanda W.Los Angeles, CA

Prior to meeting Ashley, I was trying to manage a largely impactful emotional situation that was out of my control. (Or so I thought) During this situation, I had lost my ambition and clarity as to where I wanted to go career-wise and I was frustrated! To my greatest surprise, throughout this time, my sister saw Ashley at a seminar and gave me her card. I think what excited me the most about her was her initial communication back to me. She was kind and I could already feel her get it done energy. We sat weeks across from each other, walking through all of my fog and identifying what was holding me back. She helped me realize that I’m in complete control of my internal and external life and now have the tools to work through those trials and errors (personal or professional) without letting it consume me. She not only has tremendous career advice; starting from an elevator pitch to controlling salary negotiations but she reminds you that you are amazing! Nothing seems impossible anymore and at this age, that means everything!

Sarah R. Los Angeles, CA

Ashley is incredibly intelligent and well versed not just in her field, but in teaching others. It’s that balance of talent that makes her an outstanding career coach. She guides not just through example, but through teaching her clients in a way that equips them with the skills and decision-making abilities necessary to carry what they have learned with them into their career. Her knowledge, experience and ability to recognize each individual’s potentials and particular need for guidance make her a wonderful career coach.

Ashley approaches each student differently, taking time to understand what they have already accomplished and what they aim to achieve before she creates a unique and structured plan. Her approach is very motivating and at the same time requires that the client really map out the steps he or she wants to take. In my experience working with Ashely, I have had the opportunity not just to progress my career, but to do it in a way that is both meaningful and lasting.

Kay K. Los Angeles, CA

I was thinking about a career transition and it felt like driving down a dark foggy road. I was treading lightly, not sure of where to go, but knew I wanted to go somewhere new. Ashley was a ray of sunshine that burned off the fog. She was also the gas station that gave me directions, refueled my tank of gas, and loaded me up with snacks for the road trip.

It only took a couple sessions for her to hone in on what I was good at, what made me happy, and what I needed. Her sessions are full of tasty treats on how to present yourself and network. For me, it was also confidence building. Ashley basically helped me smash all the internal roadblocks I had in my career search.

Ashley stresses the importance of networking, you can tell she really loves it and she’ll make you fall in love with it too. She’ll give you the tools, but you should be ready to work. Although as you begin to work, you’ll realize Ashley gave you some sharp high quality instruments and climbing up that career mountain will be a breeze.