How To Release Creative Blocks w/ Dorota Stanczyk

Where are you craving more creativity?

This week Ash talks with a true delight, Dorota Stanczyk, a creative director, transformational artist, and conscious creativity trainer. Dorota is here to talk through how to work with your creativity, love yourself, and release any creative blocks.

If you are looking to tap into your creativity, Dorota shares how to do so in your daily life and work. While travel is one of the best ways to see new things, there are many ways you can “travel” within a small radius of your current living state. Listen in to learn more!

Boredom is often something we avoid, yet it can be one of the greatest tools to form ideas, learn more about yourself, and transform your life. Throughout the episode, Dorota shares the 4 commonalities of flow state, how they play into creativity, and how to bridge the gap between needing to complete work tasks and honoring where your creative state is living.

Whether you want to break free from a creative block or get into a flow state, there is something valuable in this episode for you!



Stealing Fire by Steven Kotler


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to produce more impactful work.
  • What to do when you feel creatively stuck.
  • Hacks and habits to become more creative and productive.
  • Ways to bring your head and heart together.


Where You Can Find Dorota Stanczyk:

Join her course here: Conscious Creativity



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