Human Trafficking: What It Is + How To Stop It w/ Anna Ptak

Did you know the US is the #1 destination for human trafficking?

In the new section Smarts, Ash interviews Anna Ptak, a speaker, advocate, ethical fashion designer and policy consultant who is helping the world overcome human trafficking.  Anna shares her personal experience in trafficking and the ways in which she has healed.  Anna and Ash discuss where trafficking typically exists, who is targeted, and the major link between sex trafficking and pornography.  Ana unlocks indicators for how to spot trafficking and what to do when you see it.  She reveals the world of human trafficking, the business model behind it and the laws around it.  This is a powerful and emotional topic!  Prior to the interview, Ash prepares everyone for the episode with background information on trafficking and shares her personal thoughts on trauma.


Polaris Project

Safe Horizon

Anchor House

Instagrahm: @annaptak


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