Terrorism: Is it an actual threat in the United States? – Bob Dougherty

Do you want to know one simple way to protect yourself during a moment of crisis?

Ash sits down this week to dive back into her previous career life in counterterrorism and discuss social and political issues with guest Bob Dougherty.  Bob spent 26 years in the CIA supporting special operations and working with Islamic extremism.

Ash and Bob reveal a glimpse into the secret world of the CIA and provide an engaging background on the history of the Arab Spring, gun control and what is actually a security threat today. Bob shares his views on the power of situational awareness in acquiring intel, and how this skill translates into any career.  Discover what his biggest concern for the future protection of the country is, and what we can do to protect against it.


In this Episode, You Will Learn:

1. What to look for and what do when you suspect something or someone, is dangerous.
2. The power social media has on terrorism and politics.
3. How America is viewed by the rest of the world.



The Quantum Spy By David Ignatius

Joint Regional Intelligence Center: www.jric.org

Combating terrorism: https://ctc.usma.edu/

Intel Center: www.intelcenter.org


Where to Find Bob Dougherty:



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