“Ashley Stahl is a very gifted and resourceful business woman and coach.  I have watched her over the past 5 years network and position herself to exactly where she wanted to be.  She is driven and purposeful; I would recommend her to anyone without reservation!

I have 30 years of work experience and was having a difficult time expressing my talents effectively on my resume.  Ashley was able to take the information I provided her and turn my resume an incredible job search tool which has gotten me noticed and contacted.

If you want direct, up-to-date, informative help, Ashley is the one to go to.  She is going to give you the information and tools you need to succeed; all you have to do is listen, execute and it will change your life!”*

Gwenda H.
Simi Valley, USA

“AMAZING! Ashley’s program is the best program there is. Her approach is innovative and challenges the typical job search techniques. Well worth the small financial and time investment! I was able to go from being unemployed to negotiating a salary $14,000 more annually than I was making at my previous job in just 2 months of the program.

Before participating in Ashley’s course I was unemployed, depressed and feeling like my college degree was worthless. After completing her course and beginning my new job I feel confident, like I am being paid what I am worth and like I have an abundance of opportunities! If you follow her plan closely and utilize the online Facebook group, you WILL see results.

Thank you Ashley for helping me turn my life around!”*

Tiffany G.
Harrisonville, USA

Shar Rauch

“I came across her webinar via Facebook.  By the end, I knew I had sign up.  I went slowly through the modules and then I was laid off, so there was a huge motivating factor for me to embrace everything as much as I could and bring it to life in my job search.  From the first day of my layoff until I signed a job offer, I had interviews on a weekly basis, except for one week I took a vacation.  There were so many options.  My friends kept asking me how I got that many interviews.  I made it to several final round interviews and with two different organizations, I interviewed for one position but the interviewees found that they wanted me for even higher level positions.  The job I currently have, is a temporary gig only so they could slot me into a position that my boss and I are creating now.  It is amazing at how I ended up here.

The energy that Ashley brings is so powerful and she really does have a passion for my success (and everyone else).  She says so many things that resonates with my belief system and I respond well to people who are truly genuine and nice.  When I saw that people who never worked with Ashley reviewed her based off a free webinar, I felt hurt by what they had to say because she is so amazing and I really think they are missing out not being able to see Ashley’s positive light and skills but people view their world through their own lens.  And so, maybe that is why the Facebook client group is filled warmth and kindness because not one person speaks negatively of others and we all have a mutual respect for each other.

What I found to be a highlight, is the Facebook group.  Imagine being in a group of hundreds of people cheering you on, who share stories that we can all learn from.  If you thrive in very positive supportive respectful environments (it is not a space for bullies) then this is the best place for you and your career path.  You are not alone and you will never feel stuck in your career ever again.

I am beyond grateful for Ashley and I will continue to watch her career grow.  I will always support her any way I can because I cannot repay her for everything she has helped me with.  She is a true inspiration and I hope that myself and others who have worked with her can convey she is worth the investment.  Because if you spend money to work in a career you love and make more money that you did before, it is a small investment overall and the program will probably end up paying for itself like it has for so many people.

Thank you so much, Ashley.  If I could give you a rating higher than five stars, I would.”*

Shar Rauch
Oakland, USA


“I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley a few months ago. She spoke to our Lean In Los Angeles group. A group of goal oriented professional women.

I was motivated in many ways by Ashley’s words. She touch on the topic of networking. Giving us various examples of how to network efficiently to get more than just a contact or lead.

Ashley will give you the tools to strengthen your network and get where you need to go. After hearing Ashley talk to our group I instantly subscribe to her newsletter. In her newsletter she touches on plenty of other professional topics. I can honestly say her newsletter keeps me motivated.

Personally I am in a transition, looking for the right career move as a female entrepreneur. Ashley taught me how to become clear in what I am good at and look for my true passion or gift.

I would highly highly recommend her teleclass as well as her amazing newsletter. I hope to consult with her in the near future regarding my career path and making the change. If you know her story, she too has made career changes that sounded risky, but ultimately put her were you see her now…as one of the most motivating and accomplished career coaches to the millennials.”*

Sandra B.
Los Angeles, CA

“I first started working with Ashley back in September 2013 when I was feeling lost and very unhappy in my job.  My whole life I thought I would work in fashion but I was unsatisfied with every job I took in the industry.  This presented a problem because I had no idea what else I could do with my career.

When I came to Ashley, she worked with me to figure out how to transition into a different career.  Her words are ingrained in my brain-  “Do what you are…not what you love.”  At first this statement confused me but Ashley explained that I was pursuing a career based on one of my hobbies and my creativity was being stifled because I wasn’t able to enjoy fashion anymore. Then together we explored the innate qualities that make me shine. This was Ashley’s way of helping me see what I AM.  I am a person who has always helped my friends and family with emotional problems and I have an intense curiosity about people and why they think the way they think.  This was the best gift I got from my whole experience working with Ashley.  She helped direct my attention inward and rebooted my confidence in myself.  A month into working with Ashley, I took my GRE, started taking classes, and I am now pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology.  I am so grateful for Ashley’s guiding advice and wisdom because I now feel so much more confident my future.

Ashley offers so much as a career coach- I have known her for 17 years and she is one of the most determined, hard working people I know.  Ashley puts 110% into everything she sets her mind to and she is passionate about helping women with their careers.  She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide people into a wide range of job fields.  So if you need help finding/building your career, I am confident Ashley can help you succeed.”*

Brenna Moore
Los Angeles, CA


“I met Ashley at an Event.  She was hosting a workshop on elevator pitches to improve with the job hunt.  I found her very insightful, and there was an instant a connection.  She was not trying to sell, or promote her business.  She genuinely wanted to help people.  I was able to discover I was holding myself back in finding my career.  It was hard for me to focus, because I was afraid of the unknown, taking a chance, and failing.  Ashley is a spectacular motivator, mentor, cheerleader, and a friend.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is lost in the chaotic world of looking for a career, not a job.  She will help you tune into the career path that you are supposed to have.”*

Candice Ngai
Los Angeles, CA


“Through the modules and the team’s feedback I made significant improvements to my LinkedIn profile and resume. You’re given highly effective tactics to help in your interview and salary negotiation process. If you have any questions, the team responds with concise, valuable and helpful feedback in a very timely fashion. The entire program is meticulously organized, but above all, I felt that you and your team really care about helping people find amazing jobs that they deserve. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

Thank you for helping me in this journey! You really are the best. Keep up the great work!”*

Renzo Garcia
Pasadena, USA

“As I started the program I started to see some valuable content there. It talks about real world problems and how to resolve them. The program helps you set your goals and guides you to achieve them. Also, you get personal attention from Ashley and her team if you have any queries. It is very rare or unheard of, that a question goes unanswered provided you are asking at the right place. Here is what I have to say after taking the program:

1. Customer service is exceptional.

2. If you devote time and really work on the methodology that this program proposes, it is impossible for somebody to not be successful. It very subtly opens your eyes to how the world works.

3. Patience is important, if you expect that you will join the program and you will get the results immediately, then this is not the program for you. Everybody’s situation is unique and some people get results faster than others.

4. There is also a Facebook group which connects different people in the program and even if you are just a reader, you will learn a lot from people’s experience.

If you are really-really serious about your career and want to progress, then I would recommend trying this program. If you feel it’s not for you, then you can always unsubscribe.”*

Manisha Mishra
Raleigh, NC


“Amazing professional coaching on how to get your dream job! Loved the salary negotiation tips! Really made a difference in my professional career! Helped me also to answer the difficult questions about career changes or strange periods in your resume. Boosted my confidence to the sky and that showed during the whole interview process. Thank you!!!!”*

Anapaula Corral
Brickell, Miami